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The Orange Order:

The Jews, The Blacks, The Masons, And The Murders

Every July the Freemasonic Orange Order demands to parade through working class Nationalist / Republican housing estates in order to “preserve their Orange culture.” For the past few years they have been stopped by Police and Army, going down the Garvaghy Road. But it’s at this time their mask of respectability and “religious and civil liberty” slips to reveal the snarling face of their Talmudic hatred. This frequently results in violence, riots and murder.

On the morning of the 12th of July 1998 in the predominantly Protestant area of Carnany Park in County Antrim, brave soldiers of the Jewish funded Ulster Volunteer Force crept up to the Quinn Family home and in the name of the Orange Order they fire bombed the house and three young school boys, Richard (10), Mark (9) and Jason (7) died as flames and smoke swept through the family home. The Orange / Loyalist / Unionist community did not condemn the savage and barbaric murders of the Quinn children. To celebrate this shameful slaughter of innocents two members of the Orange Order from Scotland danced naked at Drumcree, dancing on their graves and their blood. The actions of the Orangemen, regardless of the religion of the Quinn children, was disgusting and shows the mentality of the Orange Order.

“Garfield Gilmore showed no emotion as he was convicted of one of the most shameful crimes in the history of the North.” Irish independent 30/1/99.

The culture of the Orange Order is one of hatred, destruction and murder of the Irish Race and tradition. The Order has its roots in Freemasonry; there is no difference between them both. They share the same rituals and symbols, such as the Jewish Star of David, the “G” symbol and the Square and the Compass to name just a few.

“The Orange Order gets its rites and rituals from the 1st and 2nd degrees of the York rite of Freemasonry and many of its founding members were Masons.”

The Order was formed to honour the Dutch homosexual and pedophile King William of Orange. One of its founding fathers was James “Buddra” Wilson.

“Wilson was a Freemason ... He was already familiar with its signs and passwords and he was likewise conversant with the history of the Prince of Orange, who was himself a Freemason … Keeping alive the principals of revolution and in preserving the name of Orange, many of the Freemason lodges being called Orange lodges.”

“Its rituals, passwords, grips and signs are based on Freemasonry. Its initiation ceremony apes the first degree craft ritual with rolled up trouser legs, the hoodwink and the Paniard to the naked breast. Two allied Protestant orders. The Purple and the Black are also based on Freemasonry.”

The Orange Order constantly denies its links with sectarian murders, violence and terrorism. Many members of loyalist death squads such as the U.D.A., U.F.F. and U.V.F. are members of the Orange Order. Murderer Gusty Spence “was also a member of the Orange Order, the Apprentice Boys and the Royal Black Preceptory.” Spence is also a leading member of the U.V.F. a Communist / Marxist and a spokesman for loyalists.

“Charlie Watson a high ranking member of Ulster Resistance (Terrorist Group) is an Ulster Folk hero … He was Ex-U.D.R. and Ex- R.U.C. reserve and he was very prominent in the Orange Order, the Black Preceptory, the Apprentice Boys and the Masonic.”

Pictured in the Irish News 14-1-00 was a group of British Soldiers of the Royal Irish Regiment holding an Orange Order flag in support of the Drumcree / Garvaghy Road standoff. The article went on “Only two months after a Catholic R.I.R. Soldier claimed he had suffered a catalogue of sectarian abuse linked to the Orange Order.” Also “the British Army … Was forced to ban the display of sectarian material at Cattterick Barracks. After the incident where a Squaddie was wrapped in an Orange Order flag and beaten until he recited the Orange Order oath … Few will have difficulty accepting to a person the membership of the R.I.R. is Pro-Orange Order, Pro-the siege of the Gravaghy Road and most definitely Anti-Catholic.”

On April 6th 1994 Margaret Wright walked into the practice hall of an Orange Order Flute Band called “Pride of the Village”, she was beaten with pool cues and brush handles and was then shot in the head by a member of the Red Hand Commando , while about 60 people cheered and looked on. The brave men of the R.H.C. thought Margaret Wright was a Catholic; in fact she was a Protestant. No Loyalist, Unionist or member of the Orange Order spoke out about the brutal murder of the innocent 31 year old woman. This was just another one to add to the list on innocent people who have been murdered by members and supporters of the Orange Order.

(The book ‘LOST LIVES‘ lists the deaths of all those who lost their lives, innocents and combatants, in the course of the war.)

“Heavily armed Police, together with B - Specials and Orange mobs attacked Nationalist streets in Belfast, five people were killed and two hundred injured. Almost two hundred homes were burned out, dozens of them having been clearly selected as premeditated targets. Bombay Street, off the Falls Road, was gutted and many Catholic families were forced out of mixed areas. In Armagh another man was killed when B - Specials opened fire after a public meeting.”

“Orangeism became an instrument of sectarian division and privilege … the Prime Minster (of Ulster) and all of his Cabinet were usually Orange men … Demonstrations of Orange Domination were designed to remind Catholics of their subordinate place in the political, social and economic order.”

Reported in the Irish News 25-11-03, John Allen resigned from the Orange Order after 28 years loyal membership. His drug dealing son “Jock” was murdered by a member of the U.V.F. and the Orange Order in an argument about drug money. In all those years he never said a word about Catholics being murdered by the same Orange Order.

The Orange Order has a long tradition of race mixing and integration with Blacks and Jews, when Jews were excluded from other societies, Freemasonry and the Orange Order admitted them. Number 6 of the aims and objectives of the Loyal Orange Lodge in Canada is “A non-sectarian public school system where children of all races, creeds and colours can learn and grow together.”. Of course as Christians we can agree to get along but the support for race-mixing in schools is a bit to far.

“The first African lodge was founded in 1907 in Nigeria. There are now many lodges in Africa including ones in Togo, Ghana and the Cameron with all African members. The most colourful lodge is the Mohawk Indian lodge in Canada, where traditional Indian costumes are worn with the orange sash.”

Ek Fiawoo a native of Ghana was invited to join the (Orange) Institution of Liverpool. He was Ordained a minister of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church and founder of the Zion College of west Africa where he successfully encourages students to join the orange Order. In 1980 Ghana had 1,000 Orangemen in 20 lodges.

The Orange Lodge in Togo was inaugurated in Larne 1983 by the so called Rev. Martin Smyth M.P. As you may know Smyth was up to his neck in child abuse allegations regarding the scandal at the Kincora boys home in which countless children were raped and abused , which was allowed to happen by MI5. Smyth is a major financial contributor to African lodges.

The Ulster Orangemen have been thanked by their black brothers for their “generous gift of a literature van by brethren in Northern Ireland which is enabling Togo Orangemen to carry out successfully a five year development programme …we thank the Almighty God that we also belong to this religious and patriotic Order … may his grace keep the true spirit of the Boyne. No surrender.” There you see it folks Africans supporting the killing of innocent white people in Ireland.

The Grand Master of west Africa Emmanuel Essien (Another fine Ulster-Scots name don’t you think?) said while he was in the north of Ireland that “nearly every jurisdiction has had him as a guest.” The Orange Order praised him with he has impressed the brethren with his enthusiasm for the Orange and Protestant cause “and in return a happy Emmanuel wanted to express his gratitude to the Orangemen of Ulster … for what they have done for our country” and in return for the money the native chiefs of Togoland have unanimously elected the Orange Grand Secretary of Ulster as Honorary Chief and proxy for Togoland “never given to a white man before.” What an honour, eh?

For many years black members of African lodges have been coming over to Ireland to march in Orange parades. These trips are frequently paid for by Loyalists and lodge members in Ulster. In July 2003 John McCray a high ranking member of the Orange Order in Portadown greeted Blacks from African lodges. It would seem that blacks and other non-whites are welcomed by the Orange Order in Portadown but white Catholics are not . They took pride of place at the Orange parades in Market Hill and the Drumcree parade, they also reviewed Loyalist and Orange marching bands and were warmly greeted by order members who shook their Black Brothers hands. Members of the Mohawk Indian lodges also make frequent visits.

One of the mottos of the African lodges is “No surrender. We have resolved to carry on the battle un-relentlessly until success is ours.” Do they mean in Africa or in Ireland? Is that why Loyalist terrorists have joined the Russian Jewish mafia, the 'Kosher Nostra', to smuggle non-white illegal immigrants into Ireland and Britain to carry out their dirty work of burning white children to death in their beds ? In fact in some loyalist areas graffiti proclaiming that they would 'Rather be a nigger than a Taig' has been seen for the last number of years, so much for racial pride. Taig, the correct spelling is Teague, is a derogatory slang word for Irish Catholics.

The Reverend Ian Paisley who is believed by both Catholics and Protestants to be the cause of the recent troubles that has plagued Ireland for the past 35 years is a long time leading member of the Orange Order. After the Elections of November 2003, his party the D.U.P. has become the biggest Loyalist /Unionist Party in the six counties. Paisley and Peter Robinson, who are the leaders of the party, both visited Israel to show their support for the Jewish state and to organize a weapons shipment with the Mossad for their terrorist group Ulster Resistance. Weapons (which they still have) supplied by Jews to kill Christians. Jewish writer and Broadcaster Jon Ronson spent some time with Paisley in Africa. In his book “Them” he said that Paisley was “Fluent in Hebrew” and Paisley said “Jerusalem has too many Arabs” and when Ronson recited the Jewish prayer the Shema in Hebrew Paisley said it was “a beautiful verse.” He also showed his support for inter-racial marriage when he said he was glad to hear that Ronson had married a Presbyterian. Paisley also has a religious mission in the Cameroon where he teaches his version of fire and brimstone to his black brothers and sisters. He also has full time Paisleyite missionaries in Africa spreading the word of Ulster loyalism and flying the Ulster loyalist flag over mission houses and church’s Paisley does not believe that there is a Zionist Cabal of the New World Order; he believes it is Irish Catholics. “For Dr. Paisley the occupants of the secret room were not Bilderbergers nor Jews.”

The UTV TV station aired a programme in November of 2005 called “A day in the life: Two countries one journey.” It showed the journey of leading Orangeman Drew Nelson to Ghana in June of 2005. It proudly showed Jew Nelson, sorry a Freudian slip but I’m sure he won’t be offended, setting out to the airport for his trip to Ghana to meet the JuJu men and the witch doctors of the African Orange Order.

From the moment he arrived in Ghana he was treated like a visiting head of state by the tribesmen, his equals not ours, of the African Orange Order. He was hugged and slapped on the back by his black brothers, all the while his pro-race mixing attitude is a stab in the back for his white racial brothers in Ireland. All were pleased to meet him and they were pleased to talk about the Drumcree / Gravaghy road protest.

He met many members from different Lodges in Ghana and after Nelson did a tribal dance at a church service, with members of a black womens Orange Lodge, which he said ‘felt very natural’ he then spoke the his assembled brothers. Tobe Subo said ‘Knowing that he is coming from the heart of Orangeism, that is Ulster, we know today we are all Ulstermen’. Says it all really. Nelson standing in front of a banner of the Sodomite and pedophile William of Orange flanked by the Scottish and loyalist Ulster flags addressed the gathered black brethren and said that his trip to the dark continent was a ‘… wonderful, wonderful experience for me’ and he was ‘touched’ he wants to ‘set up a support organisation’ so ‘we can help you and also you can help us … believe me we have got things to learn from you.’ Two weeks later when he arrived back in Ireland he said ‘The Orange Order in Northern Ireland and our members have a lot to learn from our brethren in Ghana … I wish I could bring lots of our members out to Ghana …’ Why do some White and British nationalists not find it odd that Loyalists, Unionists and Orangemen will sit down with, and talk with and mix with Jews, blacks, and other non-whites but they will not talk to Irish Nationalists? If it was wrong for Irish Republicans to kill British soldiers then why do thy sit down with and show support to Israeli terrorists who murdered British soldiers and Policemen in Palestine and the Israeli state which occupies part of another sovereign nation?

John Findly of ‘LOL 221 Calton Protestant Defenders’ was asked of the alleged racist links in the Orange Order said that there is ‘No foundation … we have Lodges world wide including places like Ghana and Togo, we have thousands of black members, so to have links with racist groups would defeat the purpose of the Orange Order. To hate a person for the colour of their skin … is beyond stupid … Racist comments or any racial discrimination is treated the same way (members thrown out) … I have no time for politics based on racial disharmony, groups such as the BNP and WNP are trying to play on peoples base feelings and I feel any party would be more beneficial than any of these two … I have been on demonstrations such as anti-Fascist and anti-poll tax ones …’

Paisley’s Free Presbyterian Church are no friends of the White Nationalist movement, the Rev. Brian Green of the church in part of a statement made in 1966 made his feelings clear, “the free Presbyterian church was not a group of gangsters, Fascists and Nazis and was not associated with subversive activities.”

In the same year the good Doctor had this to say in regard to National Socialists “We are not Fascists … our divisions (U.V.F. / U.P.V.) Are men who fought for the flag against Fascism and please God they will do it again if need be.”

Paisley made his feelings clear, and as is already written here he is the leader of the biggest Loyalist Political Party in the North of Ireland.

The Orange Order traces its blood line, via Freemasonry, to the Jewish founder of the Illuminati Adam Welshaupt who said “One must speak sometimes in one way, sometimes in another, so that our real purpose should remain impenetrable to our inferiors.”

On 25 February 2006 the Orange Order, under the banner of ‘Love Ulster’ was given permission to have a parade down O’Connell Street in the centre of Dublin City and pass close to the spot where CIE workers were murdered by a loyalist bomb in 1973 and close to the bomb sites that killed and mamed dozens of innocent people in 1974, despite protests from many politicians and local community groups. Republican Sinn Fein held a silent protest holding a banner which read ‘Unite Protestant Catholic and dissenter … To break the Connection with England.’ The March issue of RSF newspaper, Saoirse, had a photo of the South Down DUP Flute Band which could clearly be seen a band member of obvious mixed race parentage and clear Negro features, to say the least he had a touch of the tar brush. The march was to go ahead but was blocked by republicans, angry locals and some non political troublemakers and opportunists. A confrontation with the Gardai was inevitable. The Gardai and protesters fought for a couple of hours and the centre of the city was sealed off. The protest was not against the Protestant people of Ulster or any other country, it was against the Orange Order and the sectarian murders and the anti-Irish bigotry that it supports and promotes. Love Ulster also claim that the only victims of the troubles are Protestants and that everyone killed by Loyalist / Unionist terrorists and the British Army are legitimate targets when we all know they are not exactly surgical with their targets. The simple fact is that loyalist / unionist killers murdered slightly less Protestants than Republicans.

“Of the 698 Protestants killed during violence in the North, 340 died at the hands of loyalists . Since the first ceasefires in 1994, the vast majority of Protestant victims have been killed by loyalists in internecine feuds.” Sunday Business Post 4/9/2005

Just like the rest of the Loyalist / Unionist community, the Orange Order supports race mixing and interracial marriage, is pro-homosexual and they openly show support for the Jewish race, who they see as racial kinsman and fighting for the same cause. Just as the Orange Order and the Jews opposed the reunification of Germany, the Orange Order and their allies oppose a united Ireland and support its occupation by British troops, its time for them both to go. This short article only touches on the subject, don’t take our word for it, investigate the Orange Order yourself and have a look at the facts and you will see who is telling the truth.

“In Northern Ireland's 1920 constitution Freemasonry was awarded special status, as if in recognition of some concealed role in the Provinces triumphant struggle to stay in the United Kingdom and out of the Irish Free State.”

“Freemasonry, as we Irish know it, is a British institution and has always been used politically to support the British Empire.” - Maud Gonne McBride.

“The Masonic Brotherhood is a substantial behind the scenes force in Orange and Unionist politics … its members have simultaneously belonged to Freemasonry’s neo-Masonic off-shoots, The Orange, Purple and Black.”
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