This race mixing video needs to be removed! help me!

This race mixing video needs to be removed! help me!

New postby DoctorNo35 on Mon Jan 30, 2012 2:04 am


This video is disgusting. And trying to promote some idea that older white women often go to seek sex with black men in Jamaica.

The person who put this is up there videos on there channel are filled with Anti white hate and videos that are Anti white

How do we get this video removed from Youtube? FLAG IT!

I have already flagged this video several times on 3 different youtube accounts. I assure you if you spread this video around and tell people to flag it who are White Nationalist as they understand our cause this video will be removed. Youtube has to removed video's that are constantly flagged. If enough people flag a video its removed. I have flagged it for different reasons. Flag the video and submit it for review. If 1000 people or something like that flag this video it will be removed so CREATE A YOUTUBE account if you do not already have one and please flag it. To help me remove this sick video.
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