Croatian Soccer Fans Defy The Censors

Croatian Soccer Fans Defy The Censors

New postby CelticSicilian on Sun Jul 06, 2008 7:22 pm

Croatian Soccer Fans Defy The Censors

The EURO soccer tournament taking place in Switzerland and Austria over the last few weeks has been marked by attempts by organizers to censor those White fans who are displeased with the fact that their national soccer teams are often stocked with Africans and other non-Whites that mostly are invaders that weren't even born in the nation.

In the past some Negro players have been the object of fans throwing bananas their way as well as other gestures of displeasure. The organizers of EURO 2008 have engaged in a campaign to censor these folks and have advertised their stance with signs along the playing field in large print with the words "No To Racism".

The spirit of Europa, as seen in the Croatian fans expressions during one game in the tournament, still refuses to be muzzled however and the media has condemned them for this, what's new?

"ZURICH, Switzerland - FIFA is investigating the behavior of 200 Croatian fans who formed a human swastika during Wednesday’s exhibition game in Italy.

The fans formed the Nazi symbol about 30 minutes into Croatia’s 2-0 win at Livorno. Many also gave Nazi salutes.

The Croatian fans contend they were incited by jeers of their national anthem and flags of the old communist Yugoslavia. Croatia fought a war for independence from 1991-95.

Soccer’s governing body says it has gathered “pieces of information” about the salutes and human swastika. A committee is investigating whether such actions violated FIFA’s disciplinary code regarding racism. FIFA did not know how long the investigation would take."
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Re: Croatian Soccer Fans Defy The Censors

New postby Dinamo_XVIII on Thu Aug 21, 2008 3:58 pm

There is a FARE Europ 2008 report on racism by fans. I have the file on my computer but don't know how to upload it so that you could see it. It has pictures of Croatian, Spanish, Polish, German and Italian fans from the tournament performing racist behaviour. The Germans disappoint me. There fans were wearing clothing of Thor Steinar, which probably also means they are pagans.


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